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“Status7” (“Breakoff”, “Overload”), Robert Adler i Tobiasz Piątkowski

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Reading comic books is one of my my favourite pastimes since the my childhood, and when I was little I learned how to read by paging through the classic Polish comics of the 1980’s and early 1990’s, for example “Kajko and Kokosz”, “Funky Koval”, and others (including “Thorgal”, which one was drawn by Pole living abroad). After that the socio-political transition period had began (that was the year 1989), and domestic marked was literally flooded with American superhero comics and franco-belgian comic books (like, “Forever War” by Marvano and Haldeman, and “L’Épée de Cristal” by Didier Crisse), giving the domestic writers and artists a very hard time.

With the exception of underground publications the Polish comic industry had suffered a serious stagnation, but it crawled back on its feet in the years 1999-2005, when it had experienced a boom, and once again Polish comics entered mainstream, unfortunately not for long, and in the beginning of the current decade we entered again a period of stagnation:

In Autumn 2014 the news had hit Twitter, that the cyberpunk comics series called “Staus7” made by duo of Mr. Adler and Mr. Piątkowski in the years 2003-2005 is now available for free on dedicated blog:

Some time had elapsed, before I could read them all, so it just now I could write a review of it.
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