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“Hernan Cortes and the Conquest of Mexico” (“Ongrys” edition) and “Montezuma’s Treasure”

Recently, on the blog, I had the pleasure of allowing myself a nostalgic journey into the world of Communist rule era of comics, by reviewing excellent (despite many flaws) comic book by Janusz Wróblewski “Hernan Cortes and the Conquest of Mexico”. This comic has recently been remastered and released by the publishing house “Ongrys” in a hardcover, being an excellent treat for connoisseurs of classic Polish comics.

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“Hernan Cortes and Conquest of Mexico”


There are certain things in our life, that are occurring in our childhoods and are staying with us for the rest of it, inspiring us for years to come. For me one of those things are comic books (or “graphic novels” if you like) that I did read passionately in my childhood in early 1990’s.

One of such comic books was “Hernan Cortes and the Conquest of Mexico” published by KAW publishing house in 1989, by the duo of Stefan Weinfeld (script) and Jerzy Wróblewski (art). Mr Wróblewski was one of the titans of pre-1989 Polish comic book scene, with tremendous portfolio consisting of dozens of comics, both full albums and short stories published over the decades, with very varied styles and genres.

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“Funky Koval” – the collectors edition (Prószyński i Ska.)


It’s time for thermonuclear nostalgia bomb: “Funky Koval“ series of comic books, issued in 1980′s and 1990′s in Poland by “Fantastyka“ SF/F magazine. “Funky Koval“ that is widely considered as a best comic ever made in Poland in the last 30 years, mainly due the fabulous art by Bogusław Polch. Lets dive in into the mists of the past to explore the seminal product of the Polish comic book scene of the late 20th century…

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“Akira” – the retrospective review.



I decided to refresh my Anime department on my blog, and this is why today I am going to write about an undisputed classic anime, that is merited with opening the door for Japanese animation to the West and is probably the most important animation feature film of the last 30 years in terms of production values and spectacle.

Doing reviews of the the masterpieces is pointless, because by definition masterpieces are above the average works. What makes sense is attempt to to show the context and influence of it on its genre and art.

This page contains lots of multimedia content, so please be patient during loading. 😎

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