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In search of meaning of the blog…

As you see my blog is not frequently update for some time. First, this is the result of rather negligible traffic and small audience, and that mere fact is hardly encouraging for wring new posts, secondly I am more active on my Tumblr, and current events are more likely to be commented by me on Twitter.

Thirdly, only recently I come up with the direction of my blog.

So, on this blog I won’t publish my playlist, memes, pictures, videos etc. My personal Tumblr is better suited to this:

There will no relevant links, commentary on current events etc. This is a job for my Twitter:

So what will be published here? Long reads, with lots of illustrations and accompanying multimedia from the usual mix of my thought, opinions, popculture, science and technology,  intended for reading in free time, published in few weeks cycle.

I promise, that I’ll keep writing! 😀

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